10 reasons why I don’t pour a bucket with ice on my head


1. I am not a star, I am not searching for votes, I am not longing for a cheap PR. If the Ice Bucket Challenge will bring you dividends, maybe it’s worth trying. If you do it for the sake of the bet, it really is ridiculous.

2. I prefer not to turn an act of philanthropy into a clownery. If you want to donate, then donate. The bucket on your head won’t save lives. Many people just wasted the water.

3. I’m an ethologist. I do know about Pavlov’s experiments with dogs and conditioned reflexes. I don’t want to be a guinea pig in a similar experiment, on a global scale.

4. I prefer to be original, not a copy. The artistry was consumed during the first days of the campaign. The first were genuine, the rest of them imitate like a parrot.

5. The challenge seeks a noble cause, but reminds me of a psychological blackmail. I hate any kinds of blackmail.

6. I have learned to detect flock formation processes. As soon as I spot them, I withdraw. Belonging to a group may have other dimensions, some even intelligent. This is not the case.

7. After the global mental disorder called the selfie-syndrome, another epidemic came on our heads – The Ice Bucket Challenge. I don’t know which will be the next one, but I understand globalization differently. At least not as a process of forming a global flock.

8. Some call this solidarity. Solidarity is good, but only when it doesn’t take on a crazy form. Just like the persistence. There is persistence in promoting of a good cause and there is persistence in stupidity. It’s severe when the second one replaces the first.

9. An ice bucket poured on the head can get one sick, literally (stopping breathing, cardiac arrest, cerebral stroke). Some people have even died (they deserve the Darwin Award, given for stupid death).

10. If I was cracking nuts with my forehead, maybe I would have accepted easier to pour a bucket with ice on my head. But I need working brains. Including for not becoming victim of other collective psychosis.


Reasons could be more. But it’s not the number that matters. Any of them is enough for me not to pour a bucket of ice on my head.

This social experiment deserves a perfect ten. In XXI century, people are perfectly manipulable. Are you one of them?


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© Dorian Furtuna, ethologist

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